I suppose I will tell you a little about myself… since, after all, you took the time to visit my small corner of the blogosphere. And thank you, by the way.


I’m Brittany! I grew up in Fort Worth, TX and stayed in the metroplex for both undergrad and law school. I have bad handwriting and I like to think that I have a green thumb (ha!).

Intolust.com - Brittany

I think selfies are ok, but only if they are weird.  I get bored easily, and I’m always trying something new (I SWEAR I will use that sewing machine again…. someday).

Somewhere along the way, I met this dude.

Intolust.com - Mr. W

I have severe wanderlust.  We got engaged at the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany (damn the weather that day).

intolust.com - Mr. W2

Naturally, we celebrated by going to Oktoberfest in Munich (pardon the ridiculous bags under my eyes — I’m going to blame that on the day drinking).

intolust.com - oktoberfest

We got married in the Texas Hill Country.

intolust.com - wedding

We bought a 1923 Tudor house in Dallas.  We are slowly, but surely, making it our home. He’s the Aggie… not me.

intolust.com - tudor house

I suppose you could say I’m obsessed with Dallas.

intolust.com - Dallas

I have a thing for breweries.  Ok, and wineries.  And food, let’s be real.  I wish I could follow Anthony Bourdain everywhere he goes.

About meI love this munchkin, probably a little TOO much (read: destructor of all things pretty).

intolust.com - chewy

Again, the wanderlust is serious in this household.  Europe is on the agenda every spring. I’ve managed to become quite sufficient at hoarding hotel points and air mileage (online shopping for EVERYTHING! Even TP…).

intolust.com - spain

Lastly, I am an attorney with my own practice.  I help small businesses (including bloggers!!) with entity formation and any ongoing business legal needs.   INTO LUST is my personal outlet to use the left side of my brain.  Follow me as I explore new fashion, food, decor, and travel– all things for which I lust. I am WAY into lust.

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