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What to Pack for Santorini: Under $150

What to Pack for Santorini -

Santorini: One of Greece’s southernmost islands, this island possesses some of the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever find. Add to it the cliffs lined with white washed, plaster homes and those iconic blue accents — Santorini feels truly magical.

What to Pack for Santorini -

Greece was everything I had hoped it would be.  Wine, olives, beautiful architecture, seafood, and sun.  Being so remote, you pretty much only have 3 options to pass the time:  Bask on any one of the white, red, or black beaches; explore the island for wineries, shopping, or hiking; or eat.  Nothing to complain about there…

What to Pack for Santorini -

Bearing these options in mind, packing is relatively easy and you’ll find yourself in the same uniform each day: sundress, swimsuit, sandals, sunnies, and a cross body bag or backpack. Done.

What to Pack for Santorini -

White Lace Dress –

I went during the month of June and packed wayyyy too much.  I thought I would need whole outfits, but I ended up wearing the same 3 white sundresses over the course of 10 days– they were just so easy. Most restaurants on the island are pretty laid back and these dresses would transition pretty well from day to night.

What to Pack for Santorini -

Purple Shoshanna Bikini Top and Bottom –

While exploring the island, you’re going to want to have your swim suit on and ready to go underneath.  There are several remote beaches you’ll want to explore and they aren’t commercialized– this means no public bathrooms or changing rooms.  I loved the beaches that required hiking to get to.  Sure, we had to do without beachfront beer service, but I would take seclusion over convenience any day.

What to Pack for Santorini -

Suede Tie Leg Sandals –

Santorini is not like Mexico or other beach destinations that you may be used to.  There are no large resorts with walk up beaches.  The island is comprised of several small villages, all surrounded by rocky cliffs and unforgettable views.  Depending on what village you stay in, you may be doing a lot of walking, riding the local transfer buses, or taking a 4-wheeler around the island (highly recommend that, by the way).  Heels are an obvious “no” and even wedge sandals may be pushing it– maybe save a pair for an evening or two out for dinner.  During the day, I opted for nude flat sandals.  For hiking, you will of course want to bring something more durable and close-toed.

What to Pack for Santorini -

Festival Bucket Bag –

Along those same lines, large beach bags will not be your friend.  I brought one, of course, and it never left the closet.  They just aren’t practical for island exploring– they are more suited for resort type vacations with the beach within yards of your room. I thankfully brought a cross body bag and used it daily.  For the longer excursions on the 4-wheeler across the island, I had to use my husband’s bulky backpack and it was terrible.  Terribly ugly, that is.  If you’re adventurous and you KNOW you’ll be exploring the remote beaches, I would pack a light backpack to hold your necessities (and to bring back some wine to your villa, of course).

What to Pack for Santorini -

Notice the man backpack that was almost as large as me…

What to Pack for Santorini -

Jack Wills Blue/Stripe Canvas and Leather Backpack –

Last but not least, you’ll be in the middle of the damn ocean and you’re going to need sunglasses at all times.  Take 2 pairs that are large and versatile (and cheap– we lost 2 pairs on the trip).  You’ll thank me.

What to Pack for Santorini -

Warehouse Revo Sunglasses –

Looking back, I have only 2 regrets: packing too much and not taking enough pictures.  There are too many moments like this one below, that you’ll want to savor forever…

What to Pack for Santorini -
Happy travels!! Questions about what to pack for Santorini? Send them my way! - Signature

What to Pack for Santorini -

Home Decor to TREASURE

5 Steps to a Summer Table Refresh

5 Steps to a Summar Table Refresh -

This post includes affiliate links. This means, I may receive compensation for purchases made through this post.  That being said, I have personally purchased and used every item linked to on this post. All opinions are my own.

This winter– was terrible.  Even here in Dallas.  I can’t remember the last time that we have been snowed in for a week (or more) at a time.   With summer FINALLY here, I am craving color (and lots of it).

With so many summer holidays around the corner, the dining room table is the perfect place to start when adding a fresh pop of color to your life. I followed these 5 easy steps to create my own summer table refresh.

Summer Table Decorating -

1. Start with a good foundation —  Seasonal placemats

When I saw these at Crate and Barrel, I knew I had to have them. They’re rustic, yet modern, with the large woven fibers.  The texture is perfect for summer and the style isn’t too trendy– you’ll be able to reuse these for summers to come.

Kendari Placemat – Crate and Barrel

2. Mix ‘n match — Bold dinnerware

While navy blue may not be your traditional summer hue, the stark contrast between these patterns and the bright white is just so refreshing.  When going bold, don’t be afraid to mix patterns, so long as they are within the same color palette. I would say to stick to less than 3 different colors, but then again…. I hate rules.

To achieve this look, I purchased 6 dinner plates (3 different patterns, 2 of each), 6 smaller dinner plates in a solid navy, and 6 salad plates (again, 3 different patterns, 2 of each). All of which are from Crate and Barrel.

Como Swirl Dinner Plate  // Como Splash Dinner Plate  // Como Tile Dinner Plate

Baltic Dinner Plate

Como Splash Salad Plate  // Como Tile Salad Plate  // Como Swirl Salad Plate
Summer Table Decorating -

3. Create contrast — Accent with linens

Napkins and table linens are your opportunity to pack a punch– without busting your wallet.  IF I were one to follow rules, I would stick again to the “rule of three.”  With my dinnerware being fairly monotone, I brought in aqua napkins to create an otherwise nonexistent color contrast.

Fete Aqua Napkins – Crate and Barrel (currently out of stock – similar here).

4. Experiment with glassware — Mix shapes and sizes

I’m all about versatility.  If you’re going to spend a pretty penny on something, it should either be timeless or versatile enough for many types of use — and, if it’s pretty, I want to play with it (not put it on a shelf and look at it).  These stemless wine glasses can be used for red OR white wine (or a giant glass of bubbly if you’re into that sort of thing).  Since I went “low” on the wine glasses, I went “high” with the water glasses.  Looking across the table, you want to see some dimension.  Mix the shapes or sizes of your glassware to create this effect.

Jane Water Goblet – Crate and Barrel

Marquis by Waterford All-Purpose Wine Glasses – Amazon

Summer Table Decorating -


5. Funk and fresh — Create a fresh flower centerpiece with a funky piece or two

I love flowers.  They make me happy.  And I swear, all the flowers I get from Trader Joe’s last over a week. Every. Single. Time.

Hydrangeas are my drug of choice.  To offset their formality, I toss them into 2-3 small, funky vases. I found these white petal vases from my local HomeGoods ($12 each).  But you can find similar styles elsewhere online.

Similar – Nest and Burrow

And there you have it! A fun and funky summer table refresh.  What pieces do you add to your home for the summer? - Signature

Other items shown but not mentioned:

Villeroy & Boch Flatware – Amazon

Dumont Rectangular Dining Table – Restoration Hardware

Louis XVI Dining Chair – Wisteria

Blue Ikat Rug – Similar version at Overstock (originally purchased at Joss & Main)