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Lemon Thyme Sea Salt Scrub

Lemon Thyme Salt Scrub -

I am a devout self tanner. While I love the sun, I hate wrinkles even more.  Ever since college, I’ve tried different brands of self-tanning lotion and different kinds of spray tans. Regardless of which route you choose to achieve that summer glow, full body exfoliation is always a must.  With an overabundance of thyme in my (small) garden this year, I decided to stretch my DIY “muscle” and make my own exfoliating scrub — and I was pleasantly surprised.

Lemon Thyme Sea Salt Scrub




Olive Oil

Coarse Sea Salt (I opted for Fleur de Sel)

Wide container with lid (for easy application)

The great thing about this scrub recipe is that you can’t really mess it up.  And you can make as much or as little as you need.  To start, I filled a sanitized and dry container with sea salt, about 90% full.  For every 1/2 cup of sea salt you use, I would add 1 TSP of lemon zest and 1 TSP of lemon juice.  Next, roughly chop some fresh thyme (make sure the thyme is dry before using). For every 1/2 cup of sea salt, I would use 1 TBSP of chopped thyme.  Mix all of the dry ingredients together. Finally, pour your olive oil, slowly, over the salt mixture. I personally like my scrub a little more oily, so I used almost an equal ratio of salt and oil.  Pour a small amount at a time and mix between each pour — stop once your scrub has achieved the texture you desire.

Lemon Thyme Salt Scrub -

Pro tip:  Keep the scrub in your refrigerator. The cold scrub will feel AH-mazing in a hot shower… especially when its 106 degrees outside.

What have you done with your extra herbs this year?  I have a few more recipes up my sleeve for my oregano, mint, and sage.  So check back for more… - Signature